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Occasionally folks say stuff about the show on a variety of topics. We tried to come up with something unique and original to call it. So we settled on Testimonials. If you’d like to add something here, use the form on the Participate page or the Contact page.

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Daniel Memory2018-06-20T06:45:55-07:00

I’ve been enjoying your Guitar Business Radio podcasts, they’re a welcome change from the usual consumer focused side of the business.

– Daniel Memory, oniguitars.com

Jamie Gale2018-06-05T22:44:23-07:00

I think that Guitar Business Radio is providing a great service to our community. I’ve been hearing in my daily conversations with guitar makers around the world, that they have been listening in and finding their podcasts enjoyable and useful. I’ve even gained some new business that I can attribute to my interview with GBR.

– Jamie Gale, jamiegalemusic.com

David Ketelaar2018-04-20T19:22:30-07:00

When I first discovered GBR it was a gravitational pull, there’s nothing like it anywhere. A niche podcast but if you’re in the industry on any level… it’s a must.

– David Ketelaar, www.orfeld.com

Jack Spira2018-04-20T19:00:25-07:00

This is a thank you note from me for this awesome podcast. I came across a link to you while wasting time on Instagram. I listened to your first show and you interviewed someone from London College of Furniture, which is where I was trained back in the 1980’s. Now I expect I will be up all night listening to all shows one after the other. I am so lucky to have found your show just now, as I am about to relocate to another town and have the opportunity to completely remake and rethink my business. Listening to other people’s stories and ideas is the best way ease all worry, thank you so much!

– Jack Spira, jackspiraguitars.com

Rick Hall2018-04-17T12:55:23-07:00

Cool stuff. People can definitely benefit from all this information on GBR. It’s all very positive and refreshing. Nice job!

– Rick Hall, Guitar Industry Consultant

Dave Keeley2018-04-17T12:56:14-07:00

I’m a full-time luthier that enjoys listening to podcasts as I work in my shop. Today I discovered Guitar Business Radio as a shared Facebook post from Maegen Wells. The podcast was excellent because it was about the business aspect of being a luthier and Maegen’s interview was great! Jeff is an awesome host with the voice to match. The show is well produced and covers important topics on how to be positive and professional; exactly what is needed when you’re running a business. Each guest discusses the struggles and successes they’ve encountered which is also valuable information. I’ll be looking forward to the next episode.

– Dave Keeley, KeeleyGuitars.com

Jeff Letain2018-04-10T14:35:10-07:00

I just want to say how much I’m enjoying your show! You have a great radio voice that a person doesn’t tire of. Most of all I love your “Positive Spin.” The guitar business isn’t all roses as you work your way to being known so your positive advice is very reassuring, thanks. Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to the next podcast!

– Jeff Letain, Letainguitars.com

David Rainger2018-03-29T15:08:56-07:00

Congratulations on GBR! We really enjoy listening to it in the workshop at Rainger FX while we make pedals… Best wishes – from London.

– David Rainger, www.raingerfx.com

Ralph Novak2018-03-27T11:56:42-07:00

Thank you for the insightful interview with Bill Conklin. Having been an early licensee for the multi-scale concept, he did indeed have to do his own engineering and pleading with manufacturers for custom hardware and pickups. I know, I had to do that also; thanks to folks like Bill & Pat Bartolini and Trev Wilkinson, multi-scale instruments became a reality for players.

There are few luthiers with the foresight to have seen the tangible advantages to the multi-scale concept beyond “looking weird”. Credit Dingwall, Traugot, Conklin, Greenhill, and others with the pioneering spirit – early on, many players and certainly manufacturers thought I (we) was nuts… Seeing the concept but not understanding the benefit to the player, manufacturers, focused only on the bottom line, didn’t see a “market”, although players were clamoring for the multi-scale instruments.

Players like Charlie Hunter, with an extensive touring schedule and inspiring technique, blazed the trail. Charlie’s bass/guitar hybrid wouldn’t have been possible without the multi-scale concept, and his phenomenal and inspiring technique have captured the imagination of many players. Because players like Charlie inspire others, custom luthiers like myself, Traugott, Conklin, and Dingwall, became the source for multi-scale and extended-range instruments.

The multi-scale concept offers many player advantages, like balanced response along the neck, ability to create extended-range instruments without string tension problems, and ergonomics.

A difference between the multi-scale instruments made by others and the Fanned-Fret® instruments made by Novax is the focus on accurate intonation. While many copyists make credible multi-scale instruments, only Fanned-Fret® licensed instruments offer the ability to play in tune everywhere along the neck, including intervals that many guitarists avoid, like 10ths, which are favored by pianists.

Thank you again for the focus on Bill Conklin, a multi-scale champion

– Ralph Novak, NovaxGuitars.com

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