Episode 29 – Peter White’s Incremental Rise to Prominence


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In our 29th episode, we talk for a full hour with guitarist, Peter White, about his long career as a highly successful recording and touring artist, both as a solo act and in collaboration with some of the best musicians on the planet. Plus, there’s some things you probably didn’t know about Peter White. At the Back of the Show, you’ll get our Interview Wrap-Up.

Highlights of the podcast include:

  • 00:40 Setting the Stage
  • 03:30 Peter White Interview
  • 1:04:50 Back of the Show / Interview Wrap-Up

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One Comment

  1. Michael Wilson August 28, 2018 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    Really enjoyed your interview with Peter White. He’s a great musician solo and in his work with Al Stewart. He also gives a great interview as you demonstrate herein. As you dig deeper into the world of guitar you might also consider an interview with another guitarist who has done great work with Al Stewart and as a solo. Think you would enjoy interviewing Dave Nachmanoff. Or you could go way back to another guitarist who worked with Al, Jimmy Page. Seems Al Stewart has a knack for picking great players to support his music!

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